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Live Pain Free
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Enhance Longevity

What Makes Us Elite?

On average, traditional shockwave providers see 60-80% improvement in their patients.

Because of our specialized training on diagnosing and treating adhesion, we achieve over 90% improvement with our patients, even with the toughest cases other providers have failed to successfully treat.

The Most Common Conditions We Treat

Back Pain

Neck Pain

Shoulder Pain


How Can We Help?

You have a muscle, joint, nerve, or tendon problem.

You have been in chronic pain for months or even years.

You have failed treatment with multiple providers.

You’re still having pain after surgery.

You’ve been told your pain isn’t a big deal or it’s all in your head.

You’re frustrated with doctors not listening to you.

You want to try a noninvasive option before settling on injections or surgery.

You’re looking to improve mobility for athletic or lifestyle purposes.

…the real deal

“Dr. Paul is the real deal. Seeing Paul is not like attending your average chiropractic session (massage and adjustment). He isolates your issues and focuses his treatments on correcting those.

Paul has not only helped me with a few soft tissue flare-ups but has helped me improve my overall mobility, particularly shoulder mobility.

Paul’s also an active athlete, so he gets the challenges an athlete faces. If you’re looking for someone who can provide both helpful and practical short and long-term help, he’s your man!”

Mark- Masters CrossFit Athlete

Our Effective Process To Fix Chronic Pain

Step 1: Consultation

First, we determine if you are a good fit for our office and listen and ask detailed questions about your condition.

Step 2: Exam & Diagnosis

Establish the exact tissue & pathology responsible for pain. If you are still dealing with pain, then this step was missed. Integrative Diagnosis®️ is a complete system for identifying the exact cause of muscle, joint, and nerve pain.

Step 3: Treatment

Over a series of visits, we will apply the most effective treatment for your condition.

In many cases, this is finding and fixing adhesion which is the most common, most underdiagnosed, and most treatable condition in the human body.

Step 4: Resolution

By improving your range of motion and increasing strength, we will allow your body to return to an appropriate level of activity.

We have a set of objective data to not only get you out of pain but improve your function.

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