How To Fix Shoulder Pain & Avoid Surgery


Shoulder pain comes in a variety of forms and is a common problem that people have but may not have gotten the answers that they deserve. You need to know what is the problem before you can try to fix it. Our goal here at Vitality Soft Tissue and Spine is to provide a proper diagnosis and safe, effective treatment to give you lasting pain relief, but more importantly, restore your mobility and function. 

What Are Symptoms Of Shoulder Pain?

  • Pain in any part of the shoulder (anterior portion, deep in the joint, etc.) 
  • Restricted range of motion or stiffness that does not improve with movement
  • Lack of strength in the affected shoulder 
  • Catching when raising the arm up or reaching 

What are Common Causes/Diagnosis for Shoulder Pain?


The most underdiagnosed and most common cause of neck pain is the development of adhesion in the muscles, ligaments, and around the nerves of the neck. As a result of excessive activity, poor posture, and injury/trauma to the area, adhesion builds up.

Adhesion is scar tissue that forms as the body naturally tries to heal any damaged tissue. Not only does adhesion decreased mobility and strength, but it can also accelerate the progression of other pathologies such as arthritis, disc injuries, etc.



From a torn labrum to a torn rotator cuff tendon, the shoulder can be injured in many different ways. These injuries result in the body laying down collagen in that area to protect and repair it as best as it possibly can.

This collagen buildup is adhesion and acts like superglue which in turn leads to decreased mobility and strength there. This is how previous injuries can create lasting problems. If this adhesion is not properly diagnosed and then treated, there can be long-term consequences like accelerating degeneration or causing you to be more prone to future injuries.

Poor Posture 

On an average day, adults spend about 11 hours a day staring at some kind of screen. That could be a computer, phone, TV, or another electronic device. How many of those hours do you think someone will maintain good posture? With so much time being consumed looking at a screen, posture isn’t always the priority throughout the day. Looking down can add more stress and load into the shoulder joint.

If you have a previous shoulder injury, this can either flare it up to resurface the issue or it can just simply make your current symptoms that much worse.

Being mindful of your posture, whether it’s sitting at your desk all day or looking at your phone, is something that can make all the difference when it comes to maintaining a healthy neck.

Our Effective Way Of Treating Shoulder Pain 

Whether it’s due to a vague diagnosis, no diagnosis, or failed treatment, shoulder pain can be frustrating when you just want relief from the pain and for your shoulder to function at its best. A proper diagnosis and effective treatment plan need to be established to provide lasting relief and improve function. Dr. Nottoli utilizes Integrative Diagnosis® which is an effective and precise diagnosis and treatment method. This highlights the importance of diagnosis and allows the patient to understand how treatment and care will properly address their diagnosis.


Comprehensive Consultation:

During the consultation, we will ask detailed questions about your symptoms to help guide us to a clear and accurate diagnosis. These questions will ask about the quality, intensity, location, and what makes the symptoms better or worse. We also look at past medical history and images. We also use your information and put it into an AI (artificial intelligence) software so we know where exactly your pain is coming from whether structural, functional, metabolic, or psychosocial.


Specialized Mobility and Functional Assessment Of The Shoulder:

Measuring the function of your shoulder is important because we can establish the function when starting care and then re-test throughout to show progress. Reducing symptoms is important, but we also want to focus on improving function as well. We can’t manage what we don’t measure. 


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Specialized Soft Tissue Treatment Of The Shoulder: 

The infraspinatus is one of the four muscles that make up the rotator cuff and is responsible for external rotation and stabilizing the shoulder joint. Adhesion can reduce strength and mobility and lead to further issues if left untreated. 

Abnormal shoulder motion, pain and failed mobility/functional test

Full mobility and functional shoulder motion. No shoulder pain 

What Do I Do To Fix It?

If you have chronic shoulder pain or have failed treatments with 3 or more providers you have found the right place.  You don’t have to be in pain anymore. Call and schedule your consultation at 630-499-4078 or click here.

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