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Dr. Paul Nottoli

Owner and Clinic Director

Often times we get asked when people are patients of ours or just online, can you help with we’ll just say, X-Y-Z, and the things that we help with if it’s a muscle tendon, ligament, or nerve problem, chances are we are good candidates to help you out, even if it’s been a chronic condition for a very long time and you haven’t gotten results from anyplace else.

If you’ve had previous surgery and looking to recover, that’s another thing that we can usually help with the speed of the recovery process after surgery along with your rehab process.

Those are the things that we help with, and we don’t just focus on the neck in the back.

We focus on hands, elbows, shoulders, knees, feet, anywhere on the body that has these problems.

We are typically good candidates to help.

We offer a complimentary consultation to give us a call, get more insights into what you’re working with.

I’m Dr. Paul from Vitality Soft Tissue and Spine.

We look forward to helping you get out of chronic pain.

Cheers in health,

Dr. Paul Nottoli

Vitality Soft Tissue and Spine

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