Decreases the Effects of Stress


Dr. Paul Nottoli

Owner and Clinic Director

Stress can come from a variety of sources.

It feels like we’re always under a lot of stress from taking our kids to school, our financial situation, our job our work, etc.

One area that gets overlooked a lot is the type of stress that is caused by chronic pain.

Chronic pain robs you of the things that you enjoy in life and that can put an incredible amount of stress on your body.

Our job here at Vitality Soft Tissue & Spine is to find those areas that are contributing to your chronic pain.

We want to treat those areas as well as give you the advice long term so you can remove that chronic pain, start living the life that you want to live and not feel like you’re squeezing the stress ball 24/7.

Cheers in health,

Dr. Paul Nottoli

Vitality Soft Tissue and Spine

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