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Dr. Paul Nottoli

Owner and Clinic Director

I love the Olympics and they’re on right now as we’re filming this video! If you’ve been watching them as well, you probably noticed that the difference between a gold medal, a bronze medal, or not placing at all can be between 100th of a second.

What we do at Vitality Soft Tissue & Spine is we help athletes perform at their best. We do this by removing adhesion and nerve entrapments because those will decrease flexibility, they will increase pain and discomfort, they will also decrease strength and stability in your tissues.

If those tissues aren’t healthy, your training is not going to be as good and your health won’t be as good, so your body will break down faster so you’re more likely to get injured.

We’re here not only to get athletes pain free and help them recover from injuries but also to improve their athletic performance by removing the adhesion, making sure they have a full range of motion, making sure they have adequate strength so they can train their best, they can perform their best, and reach the goals that they’re looking for.

Cheers in health,

Dr. Paul Nottoli

Vitality Soft Tissue and Spine

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