Keeping It Simple To Address Chronic Pain


Dr. Paul Nottoli

Owner and Clinic Director

We understand that muscle and joint pain, as well as chronic pain, is inherently complex.

One of my mentors said to me the greatest advice I’ve ever had in practice. He said to fix complex problems, you need to do two things:

1. Break it down to its simplest parts,

2. And take it very seriously.

Here, we take chronic pain, and muscle pain, and joint pain very seriously.

We also have systems and protocols to break it down. We can take complex areas of the body and break it down in simpler forms so we can have a better understanding of where your chronic pain is coming from and what treatments we need to provide to get you relief.

I invite you to schedule a consultation if you’ve been going through chronic pain or just musculoskeletal pain, in general, to see if we have the systems and solutions for you.

Cheers in health,

Dr. Paul Nottoli

Vitality Soft Tissue and Spine

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